• 1. 当社は、お客様の個人情報を正確かつ最新の状態に保ち、個人情報への不正アクセス・紛失・破損・改ざん・漏洩などを防止するため、セキュリティシステムの維持・管理体制の整備・社員教育の徹底等の必要な措置を講じ、安全対策を実施し個人情報の厳重な管理を行ないます。
  • 2. 当社は、事業内容及び規模を考慮した適切な個人情報の取得、利用及び提供を行います。それには特定された利用目的の達成に必要な範囲を超えた個人情報の取扱いを行いこと及びそのための措置を講じることを含みます。
  • 3. 当社は、個人情報を適切に管理し、本人の同意がある場合、お客様が希望されるサービスを行うために当社が業務を委託する業者に開示する場合又は法令に基づく場合を除き、個人情報を第三者に提供することはありません。
  • 4. 当社は、個人情報の取扱いの全部又は一部を委託する場合は、その取扱いを委託された個人情報の安全管理が図られるよう、委託を受けた者に対する必要かつ適切な監督を行います。
  • 5. 当社は、個人情報の漏洩、滅失又は毀損の防止及び是正のための措置を講じます。
  • 1. 個人情報の利用目的
  • 2. 個人情報の安全対策
  • 3. ご本人の照会
  • 4. 法令、規範の遵守と見直し
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zaigoo Inc. (Company) sets the privacy policy as below. We will promote the protection of personal information by establishing a privacy protection framework and making our employees aware of the importance and commit to the initiatives to protect personal information.

Management of personal information
  • 1. Company will maintain customer’s personal information accurate and up to date and work to prevent illegal access to personal information/loss/corruption/alteration/leak by implementing necessary measures such as security system maintenance/maintaining management structure/conducting comprehensive staff education. We will apply these safety measures to manage personal information strictly.
  • 2. Company will obtain/use/provide personal information appropriate to the business content and scope. These include handling of personal information beyond the necessary boundaries to achieve the specific usage purpose and measures for these purposes.
  • 3. Company will manage personal information appropriately. Company will not provide personal information to a third party. However, the exceptions are as follows: when there is customer agreement, for giving information to subcontractors to provide services that customer requests, or when required legally.
  • 4. When outsourcing a whole or part of personal information handling, Company will give appropriate directions to the outsourced agent so that the personal information’s safe management is upheld.
  • 5. Company will implement and revise measures to prevent leak, loss, or corruption of personal information.
Handling of personal information
  • 1. Usage purpose of personal information
    Company uses personal information obtained from customers for contacts by Company, business contacts, responses to inquiries, emails, phone calls, and sending materials.
  • 2. Personal information safety measures
    Company implements full safety measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
  • 3. Personal inquiry
    If a customer wishes to inquire/amend/delete the personal information of the customer, Company will deal with it after confirming identification.
  • 4. Abiding by laws/standards and review
    Company will comply with Japanese laws and other standards regarding the personal information that Company has and will review the content of this Privacy Policy when required to improve its content.
Please contact below if you have queries about our company’s Privacy Policy.
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